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Pictured at left is our 1/4 inch medium lay triple braid snooded trotline. Snoods are hand tied and affixed at 6-7' intervals with an approximate 4-5 inch hang on each snood. Snoods are not attached with hog rings-they are hand tied and cinched to the line which avoids many of the snags and hangs associated with hog rings. Trotline includes a 3/4 inch marine grade bronze snap swivel on each end and comes in a waxed  crab box. Available in 600 and 1200 foot lengths.

These trotlines are hand tied at Chesapeake Crabbing Supplies and must meet our exacting standards before we will put our name on them.


     600 foot snooded trotline      $125.00

          1200 foot snooded trotline     $240.00


Line and Bungee


#4 & #5 LINE     - $.22 PER FOOT!

 #6, #7, #8 LINE - $.28 PER FOOT!

Size Line  Price of 1000 ft. Spool   
Price of 1200 ft. Spool
#4 Line   $29.50  $36.85
#5 Line   $35.75  $42.90
#6 Line  $38.50  $46.20
#7 Line   $43.50  $54.50
#8 Line   $57.00  $68.40

 #5 Decoy Line         $35.75          1000' only


Trotline (Twisted Nylon Three Strand Medium Lay)

Item Length Price
1/4 inch medium lay     600 ft.    $47.50  
1/4 inch medium lay     1200 ft.   $95.00
5/16 inch medium lay     600 ft.   $66.50  
5/16 inch medium lay     1200 ft.   $133.00  
1/8 inch          500 ft.      $43.50 
3/16 inch      500 ft.      $55.50 



Pictured above left to right:

Bullet Float                                    $4.50

Can Float                                       $2.85



Pancake Float 1" x 5"                 $1.75
Small Floats                              $1.25


 PolyForm Floats - The Perfect Trotline Float



     Small A-1          $39.50

     Large A-2          $45.50

Trotline Accessories

loose snoods      

 Snoods   pkg of 30     $15.00            Bait Bags   pkg of 30    $15.00

                 pkg of 100      $50.00                                             pkg of 100     $50.00


Anchor Line 50 feet          $15.00



Snubs     pkg of 100    $10.50                      Bronze Marine Grade Snap Swivel  $5.95 ea




After years of trying to find the right trot line anchor we finally designed our own. This anchor weighs almost 25 pounds and designed to hold any bottom. If you have also been frustrated trying to find an anchor just right for a trot line we think you will like these as much as we do. These anchors are made exclusively for us.

 Price        $39.50 each


Trot Line Roller-Commercial Grade - this stainless steel bracket sports a hardened rubber roller (like the ones you see on boat trailers) which can be attached to your own trot line arm or mount. We designed this roller to provide years of steady use.


Trot Line Roller               $135.00


Crabbing Supplies

Crab Pot Work Gloves 

By the Dozen        $36.00/dozen

Less than 1 dozen $3.50/pair


Gold Filet Gloves                  $6.50/pair

Orange Plastic Ctd.               $6.50/pair

Best Brand Black/Insulated   $18.50/pair

Best Brand Gold                    $16.50/pair



Prop-Arm and roller combo- This unit mounts to almost any boat. Its made from stainless steel and can mount directly to the boat or, by using the gimbel mount attachment, can mount through a rod holder.  The height of the arm and the distance from the boat is adjustable. It may not be completely universal but its as close as we have come.


Prop-Arm/roller combo: $199.00

Gimbel mount:                                    $29.50