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Baskets and Nets

Orange Basket-made by Ropak    $17.50 each


Our exclusive composite plastic lid for orange baskets   $15.00


Bushel Basket w/lid         $7.50 each




Commercial Grade Net -  our commercial grade net come either 13 inches or 15 inches in diameter. Both sizes have a five foot ash handle and stainless steel fittings and rim. These nets have withstood the hard use demanded by everyday crabbers. We use these nets when we crab.

Commercial Grade Net 

          13 inch basket          $57.50

           15 inch basket          $65.00



Aluminum Handle Net - the same 13 inch basket mounted on an aluminum rim and handle to reduce weight. Available with both 5 foot and 7 foot handles.

Aluminum Handle Net

         5 foot handle                              $39.95

     7 foot handle                              $44.50

        Discount wire / alum net            $19.95

     Discount mono / alum net          $12.95


 Soft Crab Net - an Eastern Shore original. These nets catch soft crabs in tidal grass beds and are very popular on the Maryland and Virginia Eastern Shores.

Soft Crab Net               $55.00 each



Bow Dip Net - Another Eastern Shore innovation, these nets are also known as the poor man's dipper. These nets have an 8 foot handle and a large, deep reinforced basket. The idea is to keep the net in the water and use it like an auto dipper-only cheaper!! Most crabbers using this net have found it helpful to attach a line from the net to the bow of the boat to assist in handling the increased catch.

Bow Dip Net               $89.00



Cloth Mesh Crab Net- these nets were made famous by  Chesapeake watermen  and continue to work today as well as they did decades ago.

Cloth Mesh Crab Net (13 inch basket)          $40.00


Economy Crab Net

Galvanized wire mesh net with heavy duty galvanized hoop.  54 inches long, 13 inch net.  Price: $19.95



Basket Topper - Forget that rotten basket with the bottom punched out trying to keep crabs in your basket as it fills. These toppers are made exclusively for us in the USA. These toppers, made from galvanized steel, allow every crab permitted by law to fit in a bushel basket without having crabs crawling around a crowded deck and, unlike a bottomless basket, they will provide years of service if properly cared for. No crabber should leave the dock without one or two of these aboard. These "toppers" were designed and are exclusive to us!

Topper for bushel basket               $19.50 each   


 Replacement Net/Basket - Time for a new net/basket on that old rim and handle? These are the same 13 inch and 15 inch baskets we use on our commercial grade nets.


13 inch Replacement Net               $26.50

15 inch Replacement Net               $30.50